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Happy Hours
Tous les jours de 17h à 22h venez profiter de l'happy hours sur tous nos cocktails avec et sans alcool, les pintes de bières, la coupe de champagne ainsi qu'un grignotage à volonté pour seulement 5.50 € la consommation. Une fois essayer c'est l'adopté !! Amusez vous bien !!
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Starters - 9.00€
  • Salmon tatar marinated with passion fruit
    supp + : 1.50€
  • Terrine of duck foie gras, black cherry jam
    supp + : 6.00€
  • Salad with beets, poached egg and parmesan pieces
  • Warm poached eggs with blue cheese gratin
  • Marrow's bone roasted
  • The classic tomato and mozzarella di Bufala
    supp + : 2.00€
  • Salad of Saint Marcellin cheese roasted with honey
  • Pumpkin soup, ginger and citronella
  • Onion soup
  • Six snails of Bourgogne
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Dish & Salad - 16.50€
  • Hamburger
    Old-style bun's cheese and bacon, red onions, homemade french fries
  • Grilled steak, butter sauce, homemade french fries
    supp + : 2.00€
  • Duck confit, fried potatoes
  • French cheeseburger
    Old-style bun's, red onions, camembert, homemade french fries
  • Fish burger
    Bun's, marinated salmon, tartar sauce, french fries
    supp + : 2.00€
  • Vegan'burger
    Cereals bun's, tomato and Mozzarella di Bufala
  • Beef tartare raw or fried, homemade fries
    supp + : 2.00€
  • Grilled salmon steak, mash of seasonal vegetables
    supp + : 2.00€
  • Fish and chips, tartare sauce
  • Grilled veal rib, blue cheese sauce
    supp + : 4.00€
  • Linguine carbonara style, gorgonzola cream
  • Torrtellini ricotta cheese and spinach, basilic and parmesan cream
  • Linguine with marinated salmon and basilic sauce
  • Salad "Chez Claude"
    Poached egg, ham Paris, Cantal, croutons
  • Farmer salad
    Cabécou AOC, bacon, green beans, tomatoes
  • Caesar salad way, chicken breast, parmesan
  • Cocorico
    Roasted camembert, french fries, salad
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Desserts - 9.00€
  • Pear and chocolate crumble
  • Smooth chocolate cake, vanilla ice
  • Apple Tatin pie, salted butter caramel ice cream
  • White cheese with sweet almond, caramelized dried fruit
  • Plate of mini sweet cake
    Chocolate mouss, crème brûlée, macaron
  • Crème brûlée
  • Fresh mango soup, coco ice cream and lime
  • Brioche french way, with vanilla ice cream
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Formule all inclusive - 36.90€
  • Kir + Starter + Dish + Dessert
  • + 1/2 bottle of wine or water